Godz Of War Productions


Polish quintet (on this album, the band’s line-up is: Konrad Zubrzycki (d), Lukasz Sikorski (v), Maciej Jakoniuk (g), Lukasz Bielemuk (g), and Rafal Zera (b)) Cinis finally return with their second opus (the former one, The Last Days Of Ouroboros, was initially released in 2008).


Poland-based Old Temple have a fine-tuned nose for everything that reeks of nastiness. That was one of the reasons to join forces with Embrional a while ago,  the latter being a band that was formed more than a decade ago (initially as Embrional Necrophilism, by the way). This act released a first full length in 2012 (Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors, once again via Old Temple), which received great response all over our metalized globe. Undersigned too was modestly enthusiastic about that effort.

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