Occultum Productions

My Deathbed

French label Occultum Productions houses many great projects and bands, especially from their home country, yet some international acts as well. One of those is My Deathbed, hailing from Greece. It is an outfit by a human being (I think) named Void, who promotes joy and happiness (completely following the ideology of the label indeed). It is quite a productive project, with almost two hands full of releases in less than two years.


Because I am quite thrilled by Sombre Présage, I heard about Occultum Productions, a label hailing from Lyon, a city in the South-East of France. And the first time when I was delving deep into their catalogue, I was so impressed. This label, unfortunately underestimated (but I will change that, haha!), houses several highly qualitative bands and projects – it would be stupid to list up some of them, for (almost) all of them a worth being mentioned.

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