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The Smoking Flowers

I ain't sure when exactly this band first set foot on a stage (because info about that is simply missing), but Kim and Scott Collins (the husband-wife couple at the core of it) have been married for 14 years (got engaged only 6 months after meeting each other the first time...when Scott came looking for a summer job at Nashville's 12th & Porter venue, where Kim happened to be the floor manager at the time), and both were already active in music at the time.

Sweet Felony

This San Francisco based band was formed in 2012 around singer-songwriters/ guitarists Christa DiBiase (a native of Portland, Maine, born and raised in a very musical and large Italian family; until junior high school, she played the flute, and switched to drums when a girlfriend asked her to join her band; since moving to San Francisco, she played with Girlband and the celebrated drum/guitar duo Sassy; picked up the guitar a couple of ears ago, and found herself amazed at the Country feel in the songs she composed) and Amanda Guilb

Patrick Hemer

Hum...weird one, this! When you look up the Amazon page on the album, you'll find out it was originally released by Red General Catalog in Europe (in actuality, I am quite uncertain which distribution area the album had over here), and by Nightmare Records in the USA, but when you search the labels' website for more info, you will nót find the album. Fact is, it was released in November 2011...so why do we still get the download sent for review?

Francesco Marras

Francesco Marras is a guitarist from the town of Sassari, in the North-West of Sardinia. He started his career back in 1997 in the Heavy Metal act Eruption, which recorded only the one 1999 demo Where I Am Nothing, and changed its name (with the same members) to Screaming Shadows in 2001.

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