Solar Flare Records


Founded at the end of 2002 as a Progressive Rock trio, this Lozère based French band (actually, they're from Marvejols in the South of France, a town situated squarely in the middle between Clermond-Ferrand and Montpellier – in effect, some 174 km by road from Montpellier, by way of Millau) recorded an album entitled N'Importe Où..., and then fell into oblivion, as first the bassist and then the guitarist successively left the band. End of the story for those guys...!


Heavy hardcore noise-punk a la Unsane, Buzz-oven, Hammerhead and Jesus Lizard, from this French duo on this 10-song outing, as the majority of the music by Carne lies buried under a powerful onslaught of gritty vocals and a treacherous stomp of beats.

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