Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. of A., Kommandant are active for almost two decades (founded in 2004 or so). Throughout the years, they recorded and released several Ep’s and full-lengths (this review deals with their fifth official full-length album), as well as more than one hand full of (often stunning) splits (with the likes of e.g. Missouri’s Fever, Animus Mortis or Absentia Lunae). This introduction in short…

Animus Mortis

About one decade ago, Nicholas Onfray (think also: Black Moon, Ruined Sanctuary, Horns, The Last Knell etc.) formed the outfit Animus Mortis. He joined forces with vocalist Sid, and as a duo they recorded the demonstrational recording, called Desolate Landscapes.

Deadly Carnage

ATMF aka Aeternitas Tenebrarvm Mvsicae Fvndamentvm, is a label that does surprise me time after time with excellent releases. Urna, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Arvas, Moonreich, Adamus Exul… It’s just a small selection of some great bands or projects which I was able to review some of their material before.

Adamus Exul

Adamus Exul were formed in 2008 by Patrick ‘A.Exul / Araloth’ Cook, a young Australian guy who used part of the Perseverance line-up for a couple of years as well.


Arvas hail from Norway and were originally formed during the first half of the nineties as Örth by V-Rex aka Vassago aka Willie (ex-Ancient, ex-Aeternus, ex-Frozen Cries, ex-Dødsfall, ex-Cold Eternity). Örth recorded an album with legendary producer Pytten at the legendary Grieghallen Studio, but it was never released officially.


French horde Moonreich return with the second album, called Terribilis Est Locus Iste. The album comes close to an hour of duration and is worth every single minute of it, at least if you can appreciate the aural execution of misanthropy. Moonreich do stand for fast, disharmonic and merciless Black metal with a specific Nordic-alike sound, a grim atmosphere (mind the massive yet icy production!) and a nasty approach that trespasses all narrow-mindedly created borders.

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