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The Sombre

Being active under 665 pseudonyms and releasing an album every single day, it makes Maurice ‘Mories’ de Jong one of Mater Terra’s most active and productive musicians. He’s active within so many different, yet somehow related, genres, from Dungeon Synth over Black Metal to Noise, you know, yet also within the cheerful regions of Doom / Doom-Death. That was the case in the past, and it is still the truth nowadays. The latter gets translated via his outfit The Sombre.

Graveyard After Graveyard

One of Sweden’s most active and productive guys for sure is Rogga Johansson, known from countless bands and projects; the list is too long, and just to mention some of them would be insulting for those I am not about to mention. This time he teams up with Mika Lagrén (of Facebreaker- and Grave-fame) and Jocke Ringdahl (think Genital Grinder, Sinners Burn or Paganizer – the latter probably being the most notorious act Rogga is part of).


Pyre are an act from Saint Petersburg, Russia, formed in spring 2011, and consisting of members involved within the Black and Death Metal scene out there (think: Drama, Chamber Of Torture, Ragor, Ulvdalir etc.). After a first demonstrational recording, Pyre signed to Blood Harvest in order to release the 7”EP Ravenous Decease (2012).

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