Velnias are a project from Colorado, given birth to in 2006 and especially known as live act (recently they toured around Europe in support of Kampfar). They initially released Sovereign Nocturnal in 2008 via God Is Myth Records, and in mean time there were a couple of re-issues (Vendetta Records, for example, did the vinyl-edition, Eternal Warfare the cassette-one).

Silent Leges Inter Arma

The German project Silent Leges Inter Arma was named after a quote by Cicero, a Roman philosopher and politician. It means something like ‘laws in silence under the weapons’.

Anyway, this act, formed about five years ago, released an EP in 2009, called Synästhesie through Deviant Records, and this self-called record is Silent Leges Inter Arma’s debut full length, having a total running time of forty six minutes.


As a Black / Doom fan, I do know Tim ‘Typhon’ Yatras from bands and projects like Austere, Pestilential Shadows, Woods Of Desolation, Grey Waters, Battalion, Kinstrife & Blood and many others. Apparently Tim has been active within the Electronic and Pop Music scene as well (no further comment), but this review deals with his project Germ, which was conceived in 2003.

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