Of Swedish’origins, apparently originally released in 1985, this delayed release of Levictus only full-length album is certainly not too groundbreaking. The Strongest Power is somewhat fair ‘80s metal that stays too much on the generic side. The tracks are pretty heavy stompers, not exactly too imaginative but with some nice details; especially in the guitar department, throughout.. Despite the convincing delivery and very consistent style this album is still strained by some dullness as the songs sound a little too samey.

Jussi Lehtisalo

A jam-packed CD compiling 2010's Rotta and last year's Interludes For Prepared Beast albums, Jussi Lehtisalo's The Complete Solo Works takes a strong concrete constitution and a wide open mind in navigating the 80 minute sonicscape in which Circle/Pharaoh Overlord main member aka Ektro label man aka schizo Jussi Lehtisalo takes us.  Without a doubt, Jussi is one of the more baffling, exasperating and unusual artists to emerge from the universe.

Mother Susurrus

Finnish Mother SusurrusMaahaavaa is a freightening combination of doom, sludge, drone, post and psych rock. From start to finish, the overall atmosphere and feel of the album is there: dark, angry and electrifying. The production on Maahhaavaa is dense and overwhelming, and I mean that in a good way, but still leaves room to breathe. There are 5 tracks herein, and 50 minutes total running time, so you know you're going to get some epically lengthy songs here.

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