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Zero Mentality

Darn...I could've sworn I'd come across this Hagen (Ruhrstadt) based German Metallic Hardcore band before, but I was mistaken...probably came across 'em while updating the tour dates section of the website, I guess!

Light Your Anchor

Light Your Anchor is a five-piece, German Melodic Hardcore band that was founded in Hamburg in 2011 and they are back with their first full-length album ‘Hopesick’. If you liked their EP ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ than you will certainly love the album, it’s filled with old school melodic and technical hardcore spiced up by the load of variations in style, tempo and structure with a clever combination of screaming and melodic vocals.


If there's one thing that gives me slight creeps, it's Mister Bieber. Next to that, you have emo metalcore. The Norwegian band of Dyst describe themselves as such a band. However, what they bring is far from the childish thing I first had in mind. This young band seems to be really grown up musically.


While the German guys in Storyteller are just about to blow out their very first birthday candle, they release there very first record, containing three songs, called Take Me Home.

Madison Affair

Nowadays, if you really want to discover some new bands, you really have to be open-minded. Lots of bands don't see the big deal when it comes to adding electronic elements to their music, such as keyboards. Madison Affair is no different and on their new 7", simply called MMXIII, they released four brand new songs which sound very brutal and bright at the same time. Just give the first song, Sound In My Head, a listen and you'll understand what I mean.

Off The Hook

Off The Hook from Berlin, Germany has been around for a bit more than four years and has already released 2 EPs and one full length, The Walk, to be released this year through Let It Burn Records.
Off The Hook is all about energy, which is already proven from the title track on. It's clear that the Germans haven't invented something new, but the thing they do, they do very well.


For those who shouldn't know, AYS stands for Against Your Society and with the release of their new mini-album Suburban Haze, it's quite clear that they really take society by storm.

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