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Edward Box

Edward Box is a UK guitarist, whom you probably know from his work with Vendetta, who have so far released 3 albums on Lion Music.  It’s clear that he’s a prolific guitar player, because you get to hear some parts which could as well have been played by Joe Satriani, whilst other parts remind you of George Lynch but the list goes on.

Marcus Jidell

Marcus Jidell you know of course as being the guitarist from Evergrey.  Like Yngwie Malmsteen he’s also from Sweden, and a fantastic guitarist. With this album he goes solo.  The songs go back to 2005 and were from a project that ended unfinished in 2008.  And while I’m absolutely no fan of pure instrumental albums, this one managed to draw my attention.


Line up:

Göran Edman- vocals

Walter Cianciusi - vocals, guitars, bass

Dario Parente - guitars

Scott Rockenfield - drums

After nearly 13 years of absence, the Italian guitarists Walter Ciancuisi and Dario Parente back on track. To blow new life into the band they decided to work with some well-known names, drummer Scott Rockfield (Queensryche) and singer Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, John Nurum).

George Bellas

George Bellas is an American guitarist and composer who besides his solo albums, has worked with several well-known artists including John West, Magellan and Uli Jon Roth. Now for the fourth time the guitar virtuoso joined forces with Dutch drummer extraordinaire Marco Minneman on an album full of screaming guitars, eccentric rhythms and chaotic improvisations. The result is ‘Astral Projection’ which contains 70 minutes of epic progressive instrumentals.


For their fourth studio album this band has give us a rather short album, since the playing time lies around 40 minutes only, something we were used to back in the time of vinyl, but which is rather exceptional nowadays.


Mind you, this is not a new album, but merely a reissue of Ashent’s 2006 debut album ‘Flaws Of Elation’.  This reissue follows only seven months after the release of their ‘Inheritance’ album. However what might incite Ashent fans to buy this album is the fact that this reissue also contains the four tracks that were released as a demo in 2004. What this Italian band brings us is decent progressive power metal.

Early Cross

From the land of the Rising Sun the debut album from Early Cross has reached us.  This band consists of three male members fronted by a female vocalist.  And they bring us a very good album.


If this is ‘Spain’s leading melodic hard rock’ act, it’s obvious the Spanish scene must not have much on offer.  Not that this album ‘Changes’, the fourth studio album so far for Airless is a bad album, but it’s certainly not original.


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