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Diabulus In Musica

When I first put on this CD, at the opening track I thought I had put on a wrong CD, cause the opening could easily have served as music in the Lord Of The Ring movies.  But when the second track kicked in I knew it was the right album. What Diabulus In Musica brings us is symphonic metal with strong gothic influences.  Although they hail from Spain, I cannot detect in in the English vocals.  Basically this is almost a new band, since only the founding members Zuberoa Aznarez and Gorka Elsa have remained.


I’ll skip every unnecessary introduction about the huge discography, lengthy history or influential theory by Swedish act Vintersorg. I have no intention to go into Andreas Hedlund’s enormous curriculum vitae either. Just read what I think about this new Vintersorg-album, whether you like it or not.

Jackson Firebird

It took me a few tracks and some minor attitude adjustments to get on the same page as Jackson Firebird, but after careful deliberation, I found myself liking the band. Jackson Firebird is good bluesy rock'n'roll about fast women, fast cars and fast music. If you like down to earth, kick-ass down under  rock'n'roll that sounds best played live at your local titties bar, then this is right up your crotch. The high energy of Cock rockin’ that may not be big on originality is cool, infectious, raunchy and hand- clappingly in every other way.


Nervosa is an all-female Brazilian trash metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  release its debut album, "Victim Of Yourself" somewhere between February and March (depending on where you live).The all-female thrash band offers the listener the same high-speed riffs, furious drumming and raging leads like every “man band” would. The songs have a brutal and raw energy and are crowned by murderous hooks and aggressive vocals.


Conan a stoner/doom metal group, founded in Liverpool, UK in the year 2006. They can permit everything like the openings sentence of their bio on the site: “Conan are as heavy as interplanetary thunder amplified through the roaring black hole anus of Azathoth”. Yes you can expect everything. Members are: Phil Coumbe (Bass, Vocals), Paul O'Neill (Drums) and Jon Davis (Guitars, Vocals).


Nervosa yes a Female trash metal band from Rio de Janeriro,Brazil founded in 2010. Counting 3 members: Prika Amaral (Guitars, Backing Vocals ), Fernanda Lira (Bass, Vocals) and Pitchu Ferraz (Drums). In a press release, "the all-female thrash metal combo pushes the pedal to the metal and offers the listener high-speed riffs, furious drumming and raging leads. The songs have a brutal and raw energy and are crowned by murderous hooks and the aggressive vocals by bassist Fernanda Lira."

Van Canto

Van Canto a German A cappella Metal band? Never heard about them…they chose this name because it sound almost the same as Van Halen! Formed in 2006 present members are: Dennis "Sly" Schunke (lead vocals), Inga Scharf (lead vocals), Ross Thompson (higher rakkatakka vocals), Stefan Schmidt (lower rakkatakka vocals, solo rakkatakka vocals), Ingo "Ike" Sterzinger (bass vocals) and Bastian Emig (drums).

Legion Of The Damned

Legion Of The Damned is a black/trash metal band from the Netherlands. The band started in 1992 under the name Occult. In 2005 they changed the name to Legion Of The Damned. Ravenous Plague is the sixth album of the band under the name Legion Of The Damned. Former band member, Twan Fleuren, committed suicide on 21 May 2011 and Richards Ebisch, the co-founder of the band, left the band.


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