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Buster Shuffle

Ach...Buster Shuffle, that delightful Ska Rock band from London (and just forget about the funny fact that their name abbreviates to BS, will you) centered around lead singer/ pianist Jet acquainted with 'em through the Spring 2011 re-issue of their debut album Our Night Out by the German People Like You label, didn't I? What a whopper of a debut album that was indeed...I mean, I did, after all, put the album in my 2011 year-lists, didn't I (check the review, posted 07/05/2011)?

The Brains

Not to be confused with the Rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, which was active in the early '80s (and left us two albums and an EP, but only came to sóme notoriety when later first Cindy Lauper and then Manfred Mann's Earth Band covered a song of theirs), Canada's The Brains is a Psychobilly Rock/ Horror Punk act founded in Montreal during 2002 by singer/ guitarist René De La Muerte (once with Delta 666), bassist Johnny Montreal and drummer Franck O' Brains (who were both wi

Swingin' Utters

This Californian “Punk Rock” band (the classification no longer applies in the strict sense) may have been formed in the late '80s, and so far released several splits (with Slip, UK Subs, AFI, Youth Brigade, Wham Bam Bodyslam and Modern Action), 12 singles/ EPs, two live albums (1996's Live At The Fireside Bowl EP and the 2004 full-length Live In A Dive) two compilation albums, and a total of 8 studio albums (the current one included, that's 1992 debut album Scared

Pipes And Pints

Although all the band members in celtic punk band Pipes And Pints look like tough guys, they still know how to include the beautiful sound of the bagpipes in their music. You might think that they are from Scotland, but actually, they are from the beautiful city of Prague. Found And Lost is their second full-length. Their first one, Until We Die, was released through the European label Wolverine Records, but already it got released overseas in the USA and even South America.

The Meteors

2013 will be, without any doubt, the year of Quentin Tarantino's new masterpiece, Django Unchained. One of his previous works of art to be seen on the big screen was Kill Bill. What does this all have to do with the new The Meteors, you could ask yourself now?

The Peacocks

The Peacocks is a rockabilly band from Switzerland. The country doesn't have lots of punk bands to offer, but The Peacocks definitely is the most remarkable one. They don't make very difficult technical songs, the only thing that really matters for them is to play it loud.

Mad Sin

Mad Sin has been a benchmark for years in the punk rock scene, 25 years to be exactly. Well, not really in the punk rock scene, but rather in a subgenre, called psychobilly. Because of this 25th anniversary, a big birthday present was created as in a brand new live cd and dvd, called 25 Years-Still Mad. The entire thingy was recorded in their hometown Berlin.

The Meteors

30 years and 40 albums later The Meteors haven't lost a bit of their uncompromising attitude and this new release contains the elements that have always made up The Meteors brand of "Pure Psychobilly".

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