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Witch Mountain

Newest release from this American outfit, and 3th one featuring Uta Plotking on vocals. And  boy this is a great release, people into Doom/Stoner metal can’t afford not to have this Billy Anderson produced masterpiece in their collection. Mobile of angels features only 5 tracks, varying in length  from over 8 minutes to  just passing the 10 minutes marker, with  the title track being  the exception with it’s mere 3.30 minutes in length.


Occasionally, I have a tough time finding a way to start up a review, and in those instances I often find it best to creatively re-write whatever text comes with the info sheet provide by the, here goes!


Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Profetus are a Doom-combo with two full lengths on their name, Coronation Of The Black Sun (2009) and …To Open The Passages In Dusk (2012). And it is within the very same vein that this third full length studio release continues. The band signed to Svart Records in mean time, the fantastic label that is now to release this newest epic.


Even without the label telling us so (in the info sheet accompanying the promo download of the album), one would realize that Norway's Oslo-based Tusmörke (Norwegian for “twilight”) is somewhat of an oddity, especially when listening to the band's music after having been apprised of the fact that they do not have a guitarist among them! The band's history also has an odd twist to it, by the way!


Finnish band Rippikoulu was formed at the very end of the eighties, singing in their native tongue (now this isn’t that unusual anymore, but in the early years, most bands from all over the globe used the English language specifically). The band split up in 1995 after the death of guitarist Marko, and despite this tragic loss, their 1993-demo-tape Musta Seremonia was cool enough to be re-issued on both vinyl and CD via their current label, Svart Records.


Gosh...the weird stuff we sometimes get to review at ConcreteWeb! Hailing from Turku (a city some 160 km removed from Finland's capitol Helsinki in the western direction) comes the synthesizer trio of Wolf Rami (synths), Mazathoth (additional synths) and Inhalator 2 (electronic drum pads)...better known as Nightsatan.


The Finnish act Rippikoulu was formed at the end of the eighties as some Punk / Death hybrid, and they were very popular back then, at least in their home country. One of the reasons was the use of their native tongue (now this isn’t that unusual anymore, but in the early years, most bands from all over the globe used the English language specifically). The band split up in 1995 after the tragic death of their guitar player Marko, but shortly before, they recorded a demo-tape, Musta Seremonia.

Opium Warlords

Opium Warlords is the brainchild (at least one of the many) of Sami Albert ‘Witchfinder’ Hynninen, whom you might know from e.g. defunct Reverend Bizarre, Azrael Rising, Spiritus Mortis, Armanenschaft, Lohja SS, March 15 (review of their new record posted on April 27th 2014, by the way), Punisment, KLV, and several more.


Curimus from Finland call themselves a thrash band,  but honest… what I hear is sort of a deathmetal/metalcore album, of which the last dozen of so years we’ve had plenty and more.. Hailing from Nordic territory of course means, that overall we have a well-crafted / produced album which is always a good thing.


Okay, before we start off with the review of this new band under the monicker of Messenger, let's first state the fact that the name is not an uncommonly used one. To my knowledge, at least 6 bands have prior rights to the name, although some of 'em are no longer in existence...those being the German Progressive/ Thrash Metal act which only gave us a 1993 demo, or the Polish, 1991 founded act which brought us demos in 1992 and '94, and a full-length album in 1996.


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