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This band from the South-West of the U.S. certainly does not need any introduction anymore, I guess. Let’s keep it with: more than two decades of activities, countless releases (amongst which several ‘cult’ recordings), numerous line-up changes (only founding member and vocalist Tomas Stench remains), and now we’ll welcome Tortura, the band’s latest effort, done on vinyl via Nuclear War Now! Productions (a cassette edition did see the unlight too in mean time).


I hadn’t heard of the band Gloson before, but that’s all right, because it seems to be a pretty young act from Sweden, consisting of Mikael (g), Christian (g, v, d), Kristoffer (b, bv) and Anders (g, v). They are now debuting with Yearwalker, which they initially did release independently and digitally in 2014.


Chilean power-combo Atomicide return with their second full length, a year and a half after the former one, Spreading The Cult Of Death. In more than a decade of existence, they gained quite some ‘popularity’ in their home country, and the intervention of Iron Bonehead Productions will promote this band’s name on an international scale for sure.


Mainly based in Poland, Doombringer are, for a change, not another high-tech Modern Death / Blast Metal act à la Vader, Hate or Behemoth. No, this is one of these bands that go far away from the mainstream, delving deeper into spheres of morbidity, grimness and bleakness.

Esoteric (2)

Since I think that Esoteric are one of the most unique Doom bands on Mater Terra, I was enormously pleased to notice that some of their older releases have been put on vinyl, though being in limited editions only. This goes, for example, for Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum (those titles… J - oops, did I put a smiley right here???).

Ars Veneficium - Azaghal

This split release was one I did look forward to for quite some time. Main reason, of course, is the collaboration of two bands I do sort of adore. Besides, it is the first (and until now, the only) vinyl release on Belgian top-label Immortal Frost Productions.

Esoteric (1)

Just like the magnificent debut album Epistemological Despondency and 2004’s Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum, Esoteric’s The Maniacal Vale (also reviewed in this section) gets released on vinyl by superior Doom-label Aesthetic Death. Eternal thanks and gratitude to label owner Stu for sending me this great material.

Hic Iacet

One of the most mysterious projects from Spain lately is this one: Hic Iacet, known from quite an interesting demo (Hedonist Of The Death, released on vinyl too), and the 7”EP Prophecy Of Doom. And now this project returns with the first full studio album, which lasts for thirty eight minutes (six tracks).

Dirk Serries

He’s quite a productive guy, this Dirk Serries, and quite experienced since he’s active within the spheres of Aural Art for several decades. His best known outfits might be vidnaObmana and Microphonics, but he created many other things under different monikers, or in collaboration with same-minded artists. Very recently, on June 8th 2015, we did upload the review for the album Buoyant, which was a collaborative work in between Dirk and Dutch colleague Rutger Zuydervelt.


Raven were something of a cult band back in the eighties, and had some good songs, and although the manager of Megaforce Records Jon Zazula believed they had it in them to become a major label material (they signed their first record deal with Neat Records, the legendary low-budget metal label) and they eventually had a deal with Atlantic Records, the promises could never be fulfilled.


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