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Well, sometimes surprises are great. And it has not always to do with renewing details or superb quality – though in this case both options I just mentioned are part of the greatness too. But it’s especially the style versus the label that did confuse me, albeit the positive way. I’ll explain why.

Devouring Star

Devouring Star are a pretty young and quite mysterious horde from Finland, which I knew from one single demo only. Now they come up with a studio full album, consisting of five pretty lengthy compositions (i.e. lasting in between five and ten minutes), written for this release exclusively (meaning: these tracks were not on the 2014-demo).

Doomed And Disgusting

One of Australia’s most notorious acts ever must have been Sadistik Exekution, I guess. Despite their bad reputation (or is it ‘because of’?), they reached some kind of kult-status. Undersigned could (can) appreciate about everything this band did in the past. Most of the members had or have their own solo-outfits too, and the very same goes for Sadistik Exekution’s bass player Dave Slave.


Unsacred are a very young Virginia-based trio (drummer Scott Bartley, bassist / vocalist Hunter McCarty, and guitar player Miguel Falcon), but despite their young age (they were formed in 2012) they did record and release three well-received EP’s in mean time (at least within the American market). It made them be able to perform live on stage with notorious acts like Ash Borer, Kylesa, Obliteration, Toxic Holocaust etc.


It’s not because I’m lazy (at least, it’s not only because I’m lazy right now) that I am not going to write a huge introduction about this band, but you know, Varathron are so ‘huge’; they do not really need a full introduction anymore, do they? They are one of the oldest (formed at the end of the Eighties) and most influential bands from Greece (along with, let’s say, Necromantia and Rotting Christ), which I do follow as from the release of their first demo-tape, Procreation Of The Unaltered Evil.


French outfit Mudbath debuted in 2012 with the EP Red Desert Orgy, but the ‘popularity’ of their existence stayed somewhat local. All right, they did perform outside France too, yet they didn’t reach the status they should deserve, not yet. With Corrado Zeller, things will change. I will make sure that at least this review will help to open gates for this quartet.


It isn’t that strange anymore to sing in the mother tongue. French, Slavic languages, German, Scandinavian and so on; almost each single country houses bands or projects that do not use English as lyrical source of expression, yet their very own tongue. This goes as well for the Dutch language. In both the Netherlands and Flanders (the Northern part of Belgium), the Dutch speak gets used within the texts. This also goes for the new act Laster (it means ‘defamation’, ‘calumny’, ‘vilification’).


This will be a short / quick one: five-piece Karne (craving for a piece of bloody meat right now too?...), hailing from France (line-up: founding member and vocalist Eingeweide, drummer Bael, guitar players R. and H.K.A., and bassist Hraesvelg), finally release their debut full length, the first official release after the 2012-demo MMXII (extremely original, not?...).


Jayn Hanna Wissenberg started the solo-outfit Darkher after she did put her former band The Steals on hiatus. She wrote and recorded three tracks that would eventually be self-released, untitled and in an edition of 100 copies only (I guess it was via her own Faun Records-label, which also released The Steals-material), but the stuff was too good to stay so extremely limited.


When Swedish act Stench, with members of Tribulation, released their debut album In Putrescence at the end of 2010 (review: see update November 26th 2010, available in the Archive-section on Concreteweb), I wasn’t just surprised. I was truly charmed by these Swedes’ nasty Old School adventure. I think these guys toured a lot in mean time, but it took until now before they were about to release a new full length (there was an EP earlier this year).


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