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Switzerland's Geneva based Elizabeth have been forging their way in the Hardcore scene since May 2009, and released their self-recorded 5-track Demo 2010 on a limited rotation of 150 cassette tapes, which the band sold out quite swiftly at the pomotional shows following the release in Nov. 2010..

Divine Circles

Divine Circles is the solo project of one Meghan Mulhearn, Asheville, eastern North Carolina resident, songwriter/ violinist whom performs with several bands/ projects, including Critics, Judas Horse, Lunar Creature, Meghanz and U.S. Christmas, and whom has also collaborated to several releases in a wide array of genres.


According  to the Bio  “Serpent”  is a  German band  built around  two individuals  also known as Vent & Tongue. Apparently it’s ther aim to rejoy the world with NWOBHM styled metal in the tradition of “Satan” and “ Blitzkrieg” and is “Possessed by night” an enhanced re-release of their demo. Well actually it reads better then it sounds…….

Satanic Warmaster

The extremes within the Finnish scene are enormous. I really detest a large part of the scene for being way too poppy, predictious and pretentious. At the same time, there’s a really vivid underground-happening with tens of superb projects and bands.


Fyra Elegier was originally released on mini-CD via Nordvis Produktion, and on vinyl by Blut & Eisen Productions some months later on. The material was recorded by Perditor (vocals, bass and guitars) and drummer Hallbäck and lasts for about twenty four minutes. We did receive it only very recently, but despite big piles of other stuff waiting to be reviewed, I didn’t want to ignore this one.


San Francisco-based project Vastum, with former and current members of e.g. Acephalix, Necrot and Hammers Of Misfortune, did surely impress undersigned, and undoubtably tens of millions of others, with 2011’s Carnal Law. The sophomore record Patricidal Lust was recorded at the famous Earhammer Studio and goes on in the very same vein, yet with a heavier and more dense and darkened / darkening core.

Negura Bunget

For this isn’t but a short (ten minutes of duration) two-tracker, I will not spent my un-wasteful time on a majestic biography. This single is a prequel to their upcoming full length, and then (meaning: when I have the opportunity to review the new album) I will be more kind to do so… Just this: Negura Bunget are one of my favourite acts from Romania. I do follow them since the very beginning and I can appreciate (almost) everything they did in the past.


Primo: Hells Headbangers and their intelligence for the re-issue of classics. In an impressive series (think: Deceased, Beherit, Mortician, Incantation, NunSlaughter, Insanity and many more), the label comes with the vinyl re-release of Dahmer, originally released in 2000 via Decomposed / Hammerheart Records.


Way back in the mid-eighties, I proudly brought Rattus' full-length album Stolen Life to my weekly meeting with the group of Punk/ Hardcore music lovers I had befriended, and prepared them for a shock. Even then, I had grown convinced that what held back musicians to grow out of the Punk/ Hardcore idiom into spheres more complex, was the fact that they didn't have the techniques to do that, and that as soon as a musician had acquired such techniques, (s)he would put them into practice in the music played!

Hell / Amarok

This split-album - and indeed, I am directly going ‘into’ the actual review - starts with three tracks (Deonte, Oblitus and Dolore) by Salem, Oregon-based act Hell, a solo-outfit of former Merkstave and Elu Of The Nine member M.S.W. Once again, his contribution is an aural definition of desperation, suffering and anger, translated via slow-paced tunes of Drone, Sludge, Funeral Doom and Black Metal.


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