42 Decibel

Album Title: 
Hard Rock N’ Roll
Release Date: 
Monday, June 24, 2013
Review Type: 

42 Decibel is a rock n roll band from Argentina. They describe their music as "Aussie rock", and their influences go back to bands such as ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Stevie Wright and others in that genre. Founded by Nicko Cambiasso the band’s mastermind, he started 42 Decibel in January 2010 and indicates the band’s general direction. He himself states to be the man behind the project, in a way from the very beginning the one who set the direction of their sound, where they should aim in terms of their songwriting and how they should develop in the future.

The band’s debut album entitled Hard Rock’n’Roll is a classy, spirited rock pamphlet and has been scheduled for release on 24 June 2013. Wel I have my doubts about this record. As mentioned they sound a bit like Rose Tattoo, ACDC,….But they lack the power to make the same impact (or even get close to it). The music itself sounds good, it is what it is (nothing special and it works. But the vocals on this one sound a bit off. The man is just screaming and sure in this genre it works. On several songs of this record it works, but on later tracks it sounds like he is singing (screaming) the wrong notes.