Album Title: 
Volle Kraft Voraus
Release Date: 
Friday, November 23, 2012
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The main reason why no one outside of Germany has heard of the band 9MM is quite simple: all their songs are in German. Don't let this scare you, because bandleader Rock Rotten and his crew bring these songs in such a way, that the songs just keep sticking to your mind, without even understanding all the lyrics. 9MM makes mainly rock music which can be compared to a rough version of Volbeat.  On their new album, Volle Kraft Voraus, 9MM isn't ashamed to speak the truth and to oppose against trends and the current society. Songs as Geh mir aus den Augen, Mainstream and Popstars 2015 are good examples of that.

If you should go to one of the many German festivals next Summer, it's almost impossible not to see 9MM on one of the stages. They really deserve the acclaim.