Album Title: 
Rocks Donnington 2014
Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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This DVD brings us a recording of Aerosmith’s show at 2014’s Donnington festival.    To be honest, I found it disappointing, and I’ll explain why.

Although I liked Aerosmith’s records, they’ve recorded some fantastic songs in the past, and a whole bucketlist of these fantastic songs features on this DVD, I think this recording doesn’t do them honour.  It already starts with the beginning of the DVD, where you see the band preparing themselves for the gig.  OK, nothing wrong with that, but in heaven’s name why did they have to put in some pretty, young girls, coming out of Steven Tyler’s room, with the last one barely hiding her ample tits with her long hair.  As if, at an age of 68, Steven Tyler would waste his condition by toying around with these girls, let alone that these youngsters would be interested in someone having the same age, or even older than their grandparents.

And then there’s Steven’s look. OK, he’s always been something of a hermaphrodite, but what the heck is that growth doing on his upper and lip and chin, it looks a bit ridiculous. Or was he looking for a part in the next Pirates of the Carribean movie ?

Yet despite these negative remarks, it shows that the band members were ready for it, despite their well advanced age.  The twenty songs on the DVD contain some of their best songs, and the crowd seems to enjoy the show.  But sadly enough, but that’s my personal opinion, the first songs suffer from a low quality in the sound, by which I mean it all sounds a bit thin, and you can’t hear much bass guitar.  Luckily enough towards the end of the DVD this all gets adjusted, or so it seems.

I guess this must have been a fine live performance, but the recording just doesn’t show that enough.