Album Title: 
Make It Sick
Release Date: 
Thursday, November 15, 2012
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The Internet, sometimes a great tool for fact-finding, but occasionally a pain in the b...! For some reason, I was quite unable to log onto this Australian Hard Rock band's own website (www.), so I have no clear idea of when the band formed and whether line-up changes occurred, as that kind of info was not revealed on other sites either. So, what dó I now?

Already in 2008, the band was making waves, doing a support gig to none other than Sebastian Bach. In 2010 followed a support slot with Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden singer). It left word on everybody's lips and minds, that Babyjane was the next 'band to watch”. It lead to none other than German/ American producer Michael Wagener (knwn from having the producer behind albums by the likes of Metallica, Janet jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Extreme, and a lot more...) taking over mixing duties for the band's debut album Are You Listening, which was released in 2011. The album was given glowing reviews, got airplay on independent American radio, and got regular rotation on Washington State's N°1 radio station 96FM.

For their second album, the band (currently consisting of lead singer/ guitarist Andy Smith, guitarist John Gerasolo, bassist Paul Judge, and drummer Nik Kats) traveled all the way to the WireWorld Studio near  Nashville, USA (the studios are actually situated in Mt Juliet, which is like at least 10 km from Nashville's outer city limits and some 25 km from the center of town...but it sounds cooler when you say the album was recorded in Nashville, doesn't it?), to have Wagener take the reins of the recording process from start to finish. The end result was describe by an undisclosed industry-insider as “the most balls-to-the-wall Rock album since Guns 'n' Roses' Appetite For Destruction”!

Well now...I won't go quite that “far”! After all, thàt was a mónster of an album within the Hard/ Heavy Rock genre. But sure, Make It Sick is a very good Hard/ Heavy Rock album for certain! One which falls somewhat out of the picture, when bands from Australia are concerned. In fact, you can say without blushing that these guys should be quite at home on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. In Smith the band has a vey good and versatile lead singer, capable of bringing powerful vocals in the more uplifting songs, as well as going more emotional in the calmer tracks (check album closing ballad “Bleeding Eyes”). To spice things up a bit, there's singer John Corabi (formerly Motley Crüe and UnionBabyjane's members are big fans of MC' 1994 self-titled debut album on which he appears) making a screaming guest appearance on the album's opening title track. The guitarists make for an interesting sonic pallet, and Gerasolo sure throws in a couple of nice solos to boot.

As I've told you, I was unable to log onto the band's own site. At (www.) babyjaneaustralia, you'll find a foursome of songs, all from the, unless you càn log onto the band's site, and always providing they've posted songs off the new album, you may well have to make due with the 30-second samples usually provided by the trusted online sales sites (don't bother trying Amazon: they posted the album, but no music off it!).