Black Stone Cherry

Album Title: 
Thank You - Livin' Live
Release Date: 
Friday, October 30, 2015
Review Type: 

What an ignorant fool I’ve been.  I never ever had listened to Black Stone Cherry before having to

review this DVD and upon the first notes I heard, I regretted having been so stupid to ignore this band


Now as to why I ignored them completely ?  I really don’t know.  Of course you don’t get to hear them

on the radio that often, if ever at all,  Yet they were already founded in 2001, and were on Roadrunner

Records until recently.  So far they’ve released four studio albums, with a new album ‘Kentucky’

planned to be released this spring – normally April 1st.

Now let me tell you why is really like this band.  Having seen and listened to this gig, I found that they

play honest, straight rock music.  Their songs aren’t overly complicated, but they’re chock full of

energy.  The crowd at Birminghams LG Arena, where this show was filmed, are in it from start to

finish, singing along to each and every song.  

If only I’d known sooner this band was that good, I have no doubt I would have gone to their concert at

Trix earlier this month.  This will learn me not to ignore certain bands, and also to have a quicker look

at the stuff I get to review and don’t know, who knows what other hidden gems I might discover.