Black Tolex

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(Unofficial demo)
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Friday, November 15, 2013
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Anzegem, a village and municipality in the Belgian province of West-Flanders, is a relatively rural town in the hilly country between the rivers Leie and Schelde, situated some 15 km from Kortrijk in the direction of Gent. It is currently known only for its War Cemetery, and the independent brewery known as “Brouwers Verzet” (which is the home of the brands Super Noah, Moose Blues, Brouwers Verzet Out Bruin and Rebel Local...none of which I have, in all honesty, ever tried)...but it won't be long before it'll be famous as being the hometown of the musical quartet known as Black Tolex.

It all started in March of 2011 when the Lamont brothers Guillaume (guitar) and Simon (drums) started jamming in the attic of their parental home. Not too long after, the straight-forward Hard Rock band Black Bird was born, and through the addition of second guitarist Milo Meskens, bassist Matthijs Machtelinckx, and singer Dries Fontaine the duo made its first steps as a band. Fontaine left the band by the end of June that same year, and as guitarist Milo took on the additional task of being a singer, the quartet changed its name to the current one. With a repertoire which comprises down-right fat Blues Rock, sincere Classic and Hard Rock (with Blues elements) and modern Blues, the band then started an assault on every venue in the neighborhood, augmenting their fanbase with each gig. A the end of October 1012 the guys recorded 5 of their songs  for a self-titled EP released on Nov. 25 (hum...on my 51st anniversary!) to generally positive response, the highlight of which was to find their song “Remember” played on National radio Studio Brussel. 2013 was another generally positive year, the band being voted in a local (Kortrijk) band competition, being selected to record 3 acoustic songs for airing on Telenet's Life!TV, and being promoted by Holland's Large (Pop merchandising) both on their own site and on YouTube.

In November the band partook in Poppunt's Muzikantendag at Brussels' Ancienne Belgique venue, where beginning bands are given the opportunity to meet people in the music business for advice and possible deals. In fact, the band had gone there with the intent to find label support in order to record a full-length album. Present that day, our own webmaster whom, impressed by the band's qualities, gave the foursome the advice to invest in the recordings of their debut album (which they intend to record with renowned producer Ace Zec, whom also recorded the acoustic songs of the band mentioned earlier) themselves, and then shop the album around once it's finished. If you're asking me, that was about the soundest advice the boys got that day, because when you get invested in by others, you're also always stuck to 'em in ways which are usually less advantageous to the band itself! As a common courtesy, the band promised our editor-in-chief to send him a compilation of songs, which they indeed did!

What I like about this band, is their somewhat calmer vocal approach which, in combination with the powerful Blues/ Blues Rock they play, reminds me somehow of what Robin Trower did during the '70s and early '80s. Check it out for yourselves, by listening to the songs posted at (www.) At (http://), you can listen to both the band's EP, and two of the acoustic songs mentioned earlier. If that package doesn't convince you of the fact that this band has quite a nack at some extraordinary Blues Rock with Hendrix sensitivities, you're simply not into that type of music! Great stuff, and I personally cannot wait until the guys send The Chief a preview of their album! Top score by all means...