Blood On The Dancefloor

Album Title: 
The Anthem Of The Outcast
Release Date: 
Monday, November 26, 2012
Review Type: 

Lots of (American) bands these days try to mix punk and metal with the newest electronic genre: dubstep, or whatever you would try to call it. As hard as those bands try to make this a cohesive combination, as hard they fail in doing this.
Blood On The Dancefloor from Phoenix, Arizona, is a band not to be put in that list, because they did a great job. Proof of this is the fact that they've already sold over a million records digitally and have already played enormous stages. With their latest masterpiece, The Anthem Of The Outcast, the two-piece can't be put in a box. When you look at them, you might think that they're the newest gothic/industrial band or others might think that they're a screamo band. None of this is true. If I tell you that they sound more metal and punk than the last Rise Against album, you'll probably just fall of your chair. At times, you hear some Depeche Mode in their music and the next thing is that you hear Iron Maiden parts.
Blood On The Dancefloor can easily be considered as the most important band we have to look out for in the upcoming year.