Album Title: 
The Lost Tapes
Release Date: 
Friday, June 15, 2012
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It's always a bit tough to talk about recordings that have never seen broad daylight. Mostly, there has to be some kind of reason for them to be locked away from the bigger crowd. The legendary German rockers of Can are back to release some of their unreleased experimental rock tunes and that's a mouthful to say the least!

The Lost Tapes turned out to be quite the collection. There are no less than three discs of which the material has been derived from (brace yourselves) 30!!! hours of carefully kept taped recordings. All these materials had been dying somewhere in an old studio for several years, waiting to be discovered. Only now, the time has come.
Going over each and every song on The Lost Tapes would be the best thing to do, but let's be honest. This would take you way too long to read. Let's simply put it this way: these materials have never been released for a reason. This reason is clear as day: the world wouldn't have been ready for boundary breaking songs such as Waiting For The Streetcar, The Agreement or On The Way To Mother Sky. The experiment we're used to with Can, is only ten times better at this current time!
The world is finally ready to welcome and fully embrace the psychedelic virtuosity of The Lost Tapes by Can.