Candy Hearts

Album Title: 
The Best Ways To Disapear
Release Date: 
Monday, November 5, 2012
Review Type: 

Candy Hearts are the first to work with Chad Gilbert's new label, Violently Happy Records. Not only that,”The Best Ways to Disappear” is also produced by Chad. So the EP is an indication of what's to come, both the band and the label have options to become the next best thing.

This EP sounds clear and crisp, singer/guitarist Mariel Loveland's vocals are warm and cosy. The lyrics are mostly about being lovesick and heartbroken. "Miles and Interstates" is a perfect example where you can here where they got there influences from, mostly 90’s rock. This isn’t overdone but a good balance between old and new, guided by poppy guitars and swinging melodies.

The Best Ways to Disappear”  is an acceptable pop-rock release with catchy lyrics, for sure the vocals will get most of the listeners convinced that this is a good album. Nevertheless it has a good mix of nostalgic and modern pop-punk sounds.