Album Title: 
The Savage Playground
Release Date: 
Friday, January 25, 2013
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Crashdiet was formed in 2000 by Dave Lepard who formerly played in a death metal band Warpath, a rather strange turn in his career if you ask me, coming from a death metal band and forming what can be called a glam metal band. However the first line up had not much success, so a second version of the band saw life, and released their first album ‘Rest In Sleaze’, which was rather successful.

But then tragedy struck, when Dave Lepard committed suicide in 2006.  The band went on, and with their second vocalist Olliver Twisted they released a second album that didn’t gain the same success as the first.

They’ve moved to their third vocalist, Simon Cruz, formerly performing in Jailbait, and released their third album ‘Generation Wild’. This now is their fourth studio album, and a very nice album it has become.

It still is glam/sleaze metal, but I think this album would also appeal to lovers of pure heavy metal.