Devil To Pay

Album Title: 
Fate Is Your Muse
Release Date: 
Monday, April 1, 2013
Review Type: 

It's great how Devil To Pay sounds refreshing with every new release. The band might not leap forward, but it is also remote from repeating itself. Devil To Pay’s style is stoner meets doom meets NOLA meets southern rock with all its elements in harmony.

On “Prepare to die” we're face to face with machine gun-like stoner riffage, a sweet tapping melody and crashing guitar lines all over the place. “Wearin you down” and “Black black heart” put into their music all the sounds and styles that helped bands like Graveyard, Alice In Chains, Danzig and Down soar to success. “Mass hypnosis” and the chilling “Beyond the ether”  is a cocktail of good ideas, well structured and played, without any real flaws. The rhythm section is also bold, and has its fair share of thunder & lightning in terms of mixing. As a result, the songs have a very full, rich sound. Getting back to the songwriting, every song has stellar guitarwork in the form of well played solos that keep the tempo and interest levels up during the faster and slower parts. On a few moments such as “Tie one on” on this recording, the band in fact manages to suggest early Iron Maiden with its twin leads and juvenile spark. “Savonarola” takes over with a more menacing choice of notes and a more involved riffing style; this track certainly leads towards the speed rockin’ side of things.

Check out Fate Is Your Muse... it's all in the grooves.