Diamond Dawn

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Friday, February 22, 2013
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For a debut album this can count.  Yet another band hailing from Sweden, Goteborg this time, in the countless stream of AOR, hard rock and heavy metal bands this country produces.  Must be something in the water I guess…

This band formed in 2011, and released one song digitally. Thereafter however, despite being approached by different labels, or they contacting the labels themselves, they failed to get a contract, until Frontiers showed up that is.  They worked on their debut album throughout 2012, and now finally it is released. I hear influences from quite a lot of different group, like Tyketto, Survivor, to name some older bands, but also form newer bands like H.E.A.T. of W.E.T.. Ok, they bring us nothing new, we’ve all heard it before, but who cares.  It’s good, decent, well performed, well written melodic rock, and after all that’s all we want isn’t it.