Electric Light Orchestra

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Friday, April 19, 2013
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This album was originally released in 2001, but was very hard to find for the last years.  Frontiers now have had the tracks remastered, and re-released this album with as a bonus two extra tracks.  As a matter of fact the line-up for this release, besides Jeff Lynne consisted of only one other ex ELO member, Richard Tandy.

Other musicians that were called in to record this album were Jeff’s good friends and former Beatles members Ringo Starr , who played the drums on one song and George Harrison who played slide guitar on two songs, most of the other instruments were played by Mr. Lynne himself, but besides interventions from some other musicians on a few songs.

For fans of ELO, this album has the typical ELO sound, despite the fact that not all original ELO members were present. But compared to other albums, this album does not boast a hit, like ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ or ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’, which probably is why this album soon became almost but forgotten.

And even the re-mastering cannot change that I’m afraid, and neither can the addition of two extra tracks.