Falcon (ex-Circle)

Album Title: 
Beer And Ribs
Release Date: 
Friday, August 2, 2013
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Already mentioned in my recent review of Circle's Six Day Run album (posted on 14/07 of last...and then again, for some odd reason, one 20/07 – PS: made a mistype about the original release date of the band's debut album Meronia...that's of course 1994 and not 1004!), this is a single on which the members of the Finnish band Circle bring two songs with a more direct Classic Hard Rock feel (as opposed to the more Psychedelic geared stuff of their main band).

At (www.) ektrorecords.com, you will not only be able to listen to the single's relatively driven title track (b-side “Sunset Street” is somewhat calmer, with an almost semi-balladesque feel to it), but also be able to read a somewhat confusing story, in which the band claims they changed their name from Circle to Falcon because the first name became somewhat of a burden due to expectations of the label and audiences, making music becoming work and an obligation. Which is a wacky statement to start with, as I understood that Circle main man Juusi Lehtisalo also happens to be the main man behind the label! An even wackier statement, is that, to write/ record Circle's next full-length, that brand would've been licended to another bunch of musicians, who will however not be gigging under the Circle brand, as that will be done by the guys now known as Falcon or, which have been known as Circle all these past years! The incredulity I perpetuated, when a claim is laid that the Circle brand would be turned over to its original owners, who mày then continue as Circle (ex-Falcon).

Silly, isn't it...but it's a funny story which gives one to think a bit. Albeit not too much, 'cause I hope most people having read those statements immediately understood that the guys from Circle simply wanted to bring out an album with music which differs slightly from the band's normal output? Because a full-length album IS forthcoming, to be released around the same time as a new Circle album, somewhere this Autumn. Yeah, that Juusi Lethisalo is a very prolific songwriter, indeed...making music becoming work? You have got to be kiddin'...this guy breaths(!) music, and I for one am looking out with anticipation to both forthcoming full-length albums!