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Monday, October 29, 2012
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German label Pelagic signed the rather young act Family, a band with four experienced musicians in its ranks. Family recorded this debut, which lasts for forty seven minutes, at Translator Audio (Melvins, Unsane) and it features a guest appearance by John Lamacchia, guitar player in e.g. Candiria, Crooked Man, Julie Christmas and Spylacopa.

Musically, Family combines different angles from the musical spectrum, making a symbiosis of modern Sludge, Post-Groove, Alternative, Stoner and Metalcore, with a couple of funky touches, seventies Psychedelica and jazzy / progressive interludes.

Take some Led Zeppelin / Thin Lizzy / Black Sabbath, mix it with an un-modest yet tasty hint of Mastodon / Bokor / Unsane, spice the whole with hot Tool-alike experimentalism, add some avant-garde-tasting Diagonal / Ozric Tentacles-flavour, then shake the whole into a homogenic suspension before adding the final finishing touch: an own sound and a mostly original lyrical concept, which deals with some dysfunctional family with supernatural powers. That’s what Portrait stands for, that’s what the open-minded gourmands will like…