Album Title: 
Sin And Bones
Release Date: 
Monday, August 13, 2012
Review Type: 

What started out as some kind of joke, has now just delivered their fifth album. The main protagonists in this band are of course Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo) and Chris Jericho, a wrestler on World Wrestle Entertainment.

What they bring us is ultra catchy heavy metal, with some hard rock seeping through.  From the moment you put this disk on, till the end, it never ever gets boring.  Great guitar riffs, nice solo’s, and a pounding rhythm section, what more would you like?  And the vocals… well, there may well be better vocalists, but for this type of music this is the right man on the right place.

It is hard to pick out a favorite song on this album, all 10 songs are remarkably good, but in the end I vote for the closing track, the almost 12 minutes long ‘Storm The Beaches’.