Freedom Call

Album Title: 
Ages of Light
Release Date: 
Monday, April 29, 2013
Review Type: 

After 7 recordings, a live dvd and some live recordings it’s time for a best of from Freedom Call’s best songs they made in fifteen years This album got the name Ages of Light. The band around Chris Bay toured a lot with bands like Edguy, Blind Guardian and Hammerfall.

This release includes 18 classics from their creative career to date, among them ‘We Are One’ from their 1999 debut. Ages of Light combines not only the essence of the best songs from the seven recordings, but also marks a meeting of various former and current band members. Along with Chris Bay and guitarist Lars Rettkowitz, three different drummers can be heard on the bonus track. Freedom Call is not a highlight band but, they bring some nice power metal. With this album you got everything you should need from the band.