Album Title: 
The Prophecy
Release Date: 
Saturday, February 16, 2013
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Geminy was formed somewhere in 2006 by guitarist Marco Manzani and singer Francesco Filippone. Bassist Francesco Molinelli later joined the band, and after some time Geminy's line up was completed with the arrival of Alessio Pucciano on the guitar.

The band created a blend of Progressive and 80's Heavy Metal, but even tries to put in some sort of storytelling to make it a concept album.

In 2007 the band recorded their first promo "The Hidden Door" produced by Tommy Talamanca and with Maurizio De Palo on drums. This promo received  some good reviews in a few magazines and webzines. Geminy recorded in 2010 a second promo "The King Of Gorm" also produced by Tommy Talamanca and with Chris Parisi on drums.

In 2011 alter the return of Maurizio De Palo on Drums and the arrival of Ivano Lavezzini on Keyboards Geminy starter to recording session of their first full length "The Prophecy" at Nadir Music with Tommy Talamanca as sound engineer and producer. The album was released somewhere in October 2012.

Well it has been out for some time, but I don't feel i missed its release. It isn't a very bad album, but certain songs sound out of date. And that’s it, although it was released a couple of months ago, it sounds like something from 4 years ago.