George Bellas

Album Title: 
Astral Projection
Release Date: 
Monday, June 24, 2013
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George Bellas is an American guitarist and composer who besides his solo albums, has worked with several well-known artists including John West, Magellan and Uli Jon Roth. Now for the fourth time the guitar virtuoso joined forces with Dutch drummer extraordinaire Marco Minneman on an album full of screaming guitars, eccentric rhythms and chaotic improvisations. The result is ‘Astral Projection’ which contains 70 minutes of epic progressive instrumentals.

Besides guitar Bellas was also responsible for bass and keyboards on this full instrumental release which is mostly saturated with mind twisting and complex guitar parts. Technically this reach without a doubt a supreme level where however most songs are merely a forum to display his shredding on the guitar. Only on the more progressive parts where other instruments present the main theme, this album can excel to me and offer some fine pieces of music.

Bellas certainly has put blood, sweat and tears into this album. Therefore ‘Astral Projection’ is certainly an interesting piece of work that however may appeal not to everyone. But if you like fast and furious guitar wizards, you certainly got to listen to this.