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Monday, December 10, 2012
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Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Heat brings their brand of stoner /classic rock n roll to the table with a taste of Zeppelin, Cactus, Sabbath, Hendrix, the Beatles, Cream, Pink Floyd and more. Ingo Börner (guitars) Marco Rischer (guitars) Richard Behrens (bass) and Marcus Töpfer (drums) bring their varied backgrounds in music together in the form of Heat.

Shooting things off with “Daymare” the groundwork is laid down for one solid bluesy rock n roll album! “Warhead” with its brainsmoking chorus and tasteful guitar work easily make this one of the albums stand out tracks. The songs are brimming with energy and the musicians don’t hide the fun they had recording them. Changing the tempo up a bit, “Hamelin” and “Old sparky” are sure to make your head move with extra credit to the hitter Marcus.. Aside from the mighty Sabbath-aura, the longest track “Ending aging” also blends in certain blues/psych- and stoner rock influences. It’s really easy for me to feel the maturity of the band in all their compositions, and for sure when you have this kind of feelings, it’s always a very good point.

Heat is a solid, cohesive debut from a band with a lot to offer, yet it is also diverse enough to showcase each member’s individual talents and influences. They have dynamics in their song writing that most plug-in-and-riff bands lack, and aren't afraid to seemingly-float with their music.