Album Title: 
Legacy of Life
Release Date: 
Friday, October 19, 2012
Review Type: 

Impera is one of those hard rock bands that has an incredible high potential when it comes to the music itself, but will know very little success on a long term. The reason is simple. It's a project with an incredibly talented guitarist, composer, producer, namely Mister Tommy Denander, who is far from the lazy metalhead. He's been doing so many projects these last years, it will almost be impossible to find Impera on tour in the near future. Which is of course a shame. However, never say never.

The sound on Legacy of Life is quite edgy. The songs are actually quite sharp, which compensates for the shameful lack of originality. Matti Alfonzetti proves to be a wonderful vocalist who fits Impera perfectly within the vast hard rock scene we have at this point. With Legacy of Life, Impera is one of the purest examples of how hard rock should be presented nowadays: pure, bone hard, well mastered and straightforward, as shown on this album.