John Coffey

Album Title: 
Bright Companions
Release Date: 
Friday, September 14, 2012
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If any proof is needed for the fact that in modern days, a góód band can actually make it to a record deal, thanks to the faith installed in the band by its fans, then this band based in Utrecht, Holland is the perfect example!

Following a year of hard work, getting angry at each other, and rehearsing on molded amplifiers, the band, comprised of lead singer David Achter De Molen, guitarists Christopher Erik Borgaard van Teijlingen & Alfred van Luttikhuizen, bassist Richard van Luttukhuizen, and drummer Carsten Willem Jan Brunsveld traveled all the way to Sweden's legendary Gröndahl Studio, to record their debut full-length with producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt (known from his work with The Hives and Refused to name but a few) and Jag Jago (former guitarist of The Ghost Of A Thousand). Although the band was completely penniless (over the last year, part of the band went to Asia for a while, working on the material while traveling abandoned mountain roads, and working in an hospital in the back alleys of Phnom Pehn...while the others continued the work in their Utrecht rehearsal there wasn't really a lot of time to gain money playing shows), it got massive financial backing from its fans who, through Sellaband, went deep end willingly into the money pouch in order to get the quintet to Sweden. Of course, in order to release an album “officially”, sóme cooperation is needed from the music industry, which is something the Punk Hardcore act (let's not confuse for the American Punk Rock/ Hardcore band known as Joe Coffee I came across during last year...uh? Was that in 2009? Gee, how times passes, eh?!) gained after their half-hour performance in a small Groningen bar, played during Eurosonic early in 2012. The audience may have left that bar with beeping ears and a re-found hope in Punkrock, but the band left with a publishing deal with German label Redfield.

And quite deservedly so, because what this band brings here is, simply put, an outrageously good Hardcore Punk album, an exhilarating blend of Punk Rock, Screamo, and modern Hardcore which, besides coming over extremely aggressive, also comes over quite melodically, thanks to backing vocals which are often harmonic. Well, actually, things go farther than that, because vocally there's quite some variety, the lead singer occasionally singing a bit cleaner, and the backing singer(s?) also going screamo, occasionally even screaming over/ on top of the other(s?) in order to make for some constructed chaos. Musically, the band is truly well-rounded, making sure the melodies are catchy and memorable, and not just angry. In fact, the band uses quite a bit of calmer shot passages in between the aggressive ones...which of course makes the whole that more melodic overall. To tell you the's better for you to go listen to the music, instead of reading about it! Personally, I had been bored with Screamo Hardcore for a couple of years, but with this band, I now find proof that positive things in the genre can still come along. Check out the band at (www.)

I have only one thing left to say : my favourite Hardcore Punk band of 2012!