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Friday, January 25, 2013
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Jorn needs no introduction I guess.  He’s been around the scene since countless years, and has featured in many bands and projects, like Masterplan, Avantasia, Millenium and of course solo.

In those years he has released many fine albums. Now opinions might vary about this album. I mean there’s nothing wrong with the songs in themselves they’re sort of a compilation or a ‘best of’ of Jorn’s albums.  But they were dipped in a symphonic bath to end up on this record. 

Has this improved the already good songs ?  My guess is no.  They certainly sound good, but if the original version already sounded good, why was it necessary to treat them this way.  My verdict: if you’re a diehard Jorn fan you will certainly buy this album.  Me on the other hand I will stick with the original versions.