Jussi Lehtisalo

Album Title: 
The Complete Solo Works
Release Date: 
Friday, June 28, 2013
Review Type: 

A jam-packed CD compiling 2010's Rotta and last year's Interludes For Prepared Beast albums, Jussi Lehtisalo's The Complete Solo Works takes a strong concrete constitution and a wide open mind in navigating the 80 minute sonicscape in which Circle/Pharaoh Overlord main member aka Ektro label man aka schizo Jussi Lehtisalo takes us.  Without a doubt, Jussi is one of the more baffling, exasperating and unusual artists to emerge from the universe. The Complete Solo Works is truly a nightmare through sound collages that many may fear to take. “Veljeni”, “Ei siin mitaa” and “Viimeinen kalja” explore the exact opposite of noise with quiet somber, but spooky sonicscapes of ambient expression; Jussi offers little in the way of solidified melodic structure, yet there is a soothing sense of harmonics in the songs. The wealth of unorthodox grooves on the other songs brought are so all-encountering though bits of it are maybe accessible to some, but most of the parts drift off into the kind of uncontrollable experimentalism that fans of Pharaoh Overlord’s Siluurikaudella and Circle’s Panic and Cul de Sac will adore.

Everyone will question your sanity for listening to this piece!