Album Title: 
Twisted Strom
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
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In the past Canada has produced many successful and less successful bands like Triumph, Anvil, Harem Scarem, to name but a few.  Kemilon also hails from that country, and was formed in 2008 in Montreal. 

This CD was released over a year ago, and I have no idea why it only reached me now, but in one word : this album is fantastic.  This is top quality symphonic/progressive power metal, but fans of Queensrÿche or Dream Theater beware, this is  without the overcomplicated songs structures both aforementioned bands sometimes have. Other bands that Kemilon could be compared to are Gammma Ray, Symphony X, but with a more progressive sound. Despite many line-up changes, this band sounds as if they’ve been playing together for years in a row. With  Yan Gagné on vocals, the band couldn’t have wished for a better front man.  His voice is clear, and he has a good range, but maybe lacks a bit in power.  But hey, not everybody owns a voice like Jorn Lande, thanks God.

The two guitarists shouldn’t be underestimated either, but the cherry on the cake are the keyboards.  They are very prominent in about each song, and make the difference.