Kill For Eden

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Kill For Eden
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Monday, May 6, 2013
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London-based female-fronted Hard Rock band Kill For Eden was founded in 2009 as Rhode Island Red by Lyla D'Souza (a Rock/ Soul singer-songwriter whom comes from Sydney, Australia, and has performed both over there, the UK, and Europe) and guitarist Dave Garfield (has lived in Amsterdam and Coln, recorded for the German affiliates of EMI and BMG, and gigged and recorded all over Europe playing many festivals and TV shows, supporting the likes of Joe Cocker, Rammstein and Die Artze in the doing).

He has has since then relinquished his spot to Andrea Basiano (from Italy) and David Bown. On the bass and backing vocals, we find Londoner Mike McGuinness, the rest of the line-up still being uncertain when I checked for info a week ago. Still, he remains active behind the scene as the band's booking manager. Meanwhile, the band, obviously in a full line-up, have been gigging all over England (13 gigs in 2010, 15 in 2011, only 6 in 2012 – probably due to drummer problems?), and in Spring 2011 released the EP Kerosene (already featured at least 3 of the full-length album's songs, namely the title track “Kerosene”, “Beige”, and “Stalemate”, in earlier versions), which got he band airplay on Alex Baker's Unsigned show on Kerrang! Radio,, and on national radio stations across Scandinavia and Spain. For the recordings of the band's self-titled debut full-length, done at London's Soho Recording Studios with recording engineer/ mixing engineer/ producer Mark Campbell, KFE made use of Alex Toft on drums and Rob Taggart on occasional keyboards.

As mentioned before, 3 songs off the EP come back here, and to make things a little more interesting the band had the song “Kerosene” re-mixed by Jörg Umbreit at Germany's Principal Studios (famous for the recording of albums by Die Toten Hosen and H-Blockx, among many others), and put it on the album as the opening track, using the “regular” version as the album's closer. Stylistically, the band describes itself as “Building from classic foundations in the form of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, taking influences from the Cult's solid riffs, Blondie's instant melody and Garbage's contemporary mix of Pop hooks and rebel attitude...”, and not a bad description at all, in fact it says almost everything...but for the fact that Lyla has a tremendous voice which shoves most female singers in the Hard Rock genre to the side! It's that Soul part in her voice see, which gives her that extra bit of power and steadiness so seldom found in female voices. Of course, seeing...and in this case also hearing, is believing, so by all means go check out the band's website (www.) : on the homepage, there's immediately a possibility to view videos for the songs “Kerosene” and ”Beige”. Click on the album cover, and you get connected to SoundCloud, to listen to the track “Ned”, go to the “Music” section of the site, and you'll find audio for the aforementioned tracks plus “Stalemate” (EP mix!). In the “News” section, you'll find studio footage. More than enough material to convince you of the band's qualities! And, you know the nicest thing? The 9 songs nót mentioned are anything but fillers, but cracking songs each and all in their own right!

Yeah, this band should be great to watch in live conditions too (I take it, from live reviews, that Lyla's is a quite sultry appearance), and apparently the band's already been out a couple of times (must've found a suitable drummer...or perhaps simply “hired” the services of a temporary dude, while continuing to look for a permanent skin basher?), and they already have gigs planned for May, June, and July (if you're from England, dó check the calendar in the band's website's “Gigs” section for more details)! Oh, by the way, the band also has a facebook page (which I forgot to check, so maybe there's even more audio available there?).