Kingdom Come

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Monday, April 29, 2013
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Kingdome Come is a German / American band formed in 1987 by Lenny Wolf, German origin. The bran new “Outlier” is the band's new material since 2009, when their last album “Magnified”, was released. ”Outlier” has again became a very special album, that fans will love.

Opener “God Does Not Sing Our Song”, has a profound atmosphere, created by the rhythm section. “The Trap is Alive” has great bass lines with AC/DC type of riffs.

On The other hand we have than the song “Rough Ride Ralleye” that contains some electronic attributes. It‘s sounds very industrial and it really reminds me to OOMPH!. On “Skip the Cover and Feel” there is almost a pure American vibe of Country meets Blues, yet the guitaring is heavier and the chorus is mega strong melodic lines.

This is Kingdom Come like we want it! Pure, strange, but yes heavy!