The Last Vegas

Album Title: 
Bad Decisions
Release Date: 
Friday, November 16, 2012
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Despite their name, this band does not originate from the Sin City, but have their roots in Chicago, and this is their first full-length album recorded in their native town.  The band was formed in 2005, and some time later Môtley Crûe bassist Nikki Six grew interested in them, and gave them the opportunity to release an album on his own label.

What you get from this band is basically glam rock bouncing between hard rock, metal, and even punk.  Which is not that surprising, since all five band members come from a background of punk rock. This, if you ask me, is an album that can equally appeal to Mötley Crüe fans, as to Guns And Roses fans, with even some Cinderella thrown in as well.

So it surely is not a ‘Bad Decision’ to buy this album.