Album Title: 
Army Of The Damned
Release Date: 
Friday, March 29, 2013
Review Type: 

The French metallers of Lonewolf don't leave anything to chance. They offer metal of the purest sort and they don't retaliate to show it. When listening to the fourth track on their latest album, which goes by the name of Army of the damned, they shout it out in a way that could never have been clearer: "We are what we are and we are metal!" I think this is a profound as it gets.
On Army of the damned, Lonewolf present an excellent taste of some fine power metal (which frankly tends to be quite rare for a French band). Army of the damned is the fifth album of Lonewolf. After twenty years in the business, it makes sense that these Frenchies should by now know how it's done.
With songs such as Crawling to hell, Soulreapers and The last defenders, Lonewolf have succeeded in creating a incredibly powerful power metal album. You have to get used to Börner's vocals, but in my opinion it suits the music perfectly.

With Army of the damned, the French power metallers of Lonewolf have established a traditional power metal album. It's nice and fast with some bone breaking guitar pieces.