Album Title: 
5th Avenue
Release Date: 
Friday, February 22, 2013
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Since its conception in 2004, M.I.C. has seen several line-up changes, due maily to band leader and singer/ guitarist Yvon Serré's constant moving, not only within China (where the band was founded), but also back and forth to his native Canada. In that time, Yvon released four M.I.C. albums (the last, On All 4's, was released in January 2012; review by yours truly posted on April 9 that same year) and one solo album entitled Trap, released in November 2011 under his own name (review posted 19/02/2012).

Having been able to play with his band in Japanese stages in early 2012, Yvon eventually returned to Canada in April of 2012...and immediately made contact with his two mates from the Harry Straight Band days (operated between 1986 and 2000 – for more info, see review of Yvon's solo album), namely keyboardist Silvio Potito (also known from Perfect Strangers) and drummer Emilo Meleca (antecedents include tenures with Skip Tracer and Scarecrow). With additional new members Mike O'Neil (of Wednesday repute – in 1974, Mike had a #1 hit in Canada with his song "Last Kiss" – talk about a scene veteran!) on extra guitar and backing vocals, and Dennis Papadatos (has played with Tia Carrera, Liberty Silver, Natalie Cole, Loverboy, GOB, Biff Naked, Dixie Chicks, Paul Brandt, and Randy Bachman...in other words : here's another veteran) on the bass, the band went through 20 songs that Yvon had already written, and picked what came most natural for M.I.C.'s 5th album 5th Avenue, which has again a corresponding numeral in its title (I'll remind you that the previous albums were titled On All 4's, 3rd Degree, and Out2Rock, the debut having been self-titled). There's even a couple of guests on the album, with bassist Steve Skingley (of Rik Emmett and Triumph) contributing on the songs "Cos It's You" and "Miracle Of Life", guitarist David Colin Burt (of CANO) playing on "Cos It's You", "Ain't No Way" and "Rockin' Rollin' It", and Jon Wilde (of Bangalore Choir and Powerworld fame) contributing the lyrics of the song "Serial Killer".

Stylistically, nothing very much has changed, except that the guitar parts will now be closer to the actual live sound (with one guitarist in the band, as before, one could do overdubs on the album, but not deliver that same sound in live conditions without an extra guitarist on the stage). Yvon still sings in the wat which suits hím best, but which I have occasionally found to be a touch heady, and of course almost each song finds him using the word "woow"! For music off the new album (and the previous ones) consult the sites mentioned already in previous reviews, being (www.) yvonserre.com/mic, (www.) myspce.com/madeinchine, and/or (www.) reverbnation.com/madeinchine. When I got the CD at the end of January, plans were to follow up the album's release with shows throughout Canada, but also to China, Japan, and parts of Europe.