Mike Tramp

Album Title: 
Cobblestone Street
Release Date: 
Monday, April 8, 2013
Review Type: 

Mike Tramp, whom you all probably know from White Lion and later on also Freak Of Nature has written and recorded a new solo album.  The songs were written over a long period starting some twenty years ago, and some even being written just before he went into studio.

For fans of White Lion or Freak Of Nature this will be a very big surprise, as the music has absolutely nothing to do with the work he brought with the two aforementioned bands. Instead this tends more towards folk music. As a matter of fact the almost the whole album is acoustic.  I tend to think this album is on the wrong site, I mean this has only very vaguely something to do with rock music, and should better be categorized or reviewed on a website where you can find recordings by e.g. Bob Dylan, Neil Young….

I’m sorry, but I prefer listening to White Lion. Some songs are not too bad though.