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Monday, December 3, 2012
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Finland is a country which has already given us quite a few fine bands from a variety of genres over the past couple of decades. Quite a few of those bands harkened back to days of yore in musical history, but nevertheless they usually succeeded in bringing something fresh. From the country's capital comes Minutian, who aspire “to bring something fresh to the world of traditional Rock rhythms”.

It all started with drummer Antti Ruokola recording a 3-track demo, which he used to go in search for like-minded musicians to make a complete band. In a line-up including singer Mikko Heino, guitarists Jaakko Jernberg & Jesper Johnson, bassist Jouni Mikkola and drummer Antti Ruokola, and with influences ranging from King Crimson to Tool, and from Mastodon to Oceansize, to name but a few, the band laid down the tracks of their debut full-length album at various locations in their hometown, between Dec. 2009 and March 2011. Upon its release in May 2011, the album garnered positive reviews and several gigging possibilities in throughout Finland. However, a halt was ground to the band's uprising, when in February of 2012 guitarist Jaakko Jernberg loses his life in an accident. This initially caused the band members to question their motivation to continue, but eventually they decided the best way to cope with their tragic loss was to head on, and continue making music together. While they're still looking for Jaakko's proper replacement, the guys have already “trained” a couple of friends to fill in on some of the gigs the band was still able to do starting September 2012. They have since played support slots to the likes of Oddland, Kivumetsan Druidi, and To/Die/For. Meanwhile, they not only released an official music clip for the track “Cold & Tight” (February 2012), but have also been busy writing new material for an upcoming album.

Now, when listening to the band's music (and you can listen to àll of Repercussion's songs in the “music” section of the band's own website (www.) minutian.com), I'm sure you will agree that there's an overall serenity going through all of the 7 songs on the album, even in those songs where the guitars are used with some more distortion. The singer has a nice high pitch, and finds himself backed quite harmoniously in those chosen moments when the band deems such most in its place. Nice details come in the percussion part of the drums, and the guitars are truly versatile. In essence, this is music which was clearly thought about, and deserving of being retro-actively added to our year-lists of 2011! I'm looking forward to what the future may bring for this truly fine Progressively inclined Rock/ Metal act.