My Lai

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
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A search on the Internet for “My Lai” will invariably set you onto a small Vietnamese village, where a bunch of American soldiers made a bloodbath out of each man, woman and child living there in March 1968. But since 2010 My Lai is also a musical outfit of the modern Garage Rock inclination from Roosdaal, Belgium (a village East from the town of Ninove) consisting of the trio of Matthijs Verstegen (lead vocals, guitar), Koen Devits (drums, keyboards & backing vocals) and Brent Van Lierde (fuzz bass). Give the guys a couple more years of existence, and the release of a couple of full-length albums, and a such search as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph will, in the future, certainly give more than one possibility.

In their short time as a band, the trio already has gained some fine appreciation from people in the know, like those from Zennetour 2011 (where My Lai won the jury prize for “Most Promising Band”), Roodvonk 2011 (where the trio made it into the finals), or some programmers at the radio stations FM Brussel, Radio Equinoxe, Radio Quartz and Dangerzone, who played the band's song “Batman” over the airwaves. In 2012, more praise for the band came when My Lai won the first prize at the Het Grote Geweld band competition with their version of a Raymond van het Groenenwoud song. And two year being enough of existence, time came to record a couple of songs to the band's first EP, which the trio did under productional supervision of Pieter Van Buyten at Aalst's Dé Studio (the renowned Dirk Miers acting as a “mere” recording engineer).

As mentioned above, the band plays a modern Garage Rock, which the trio itself has apparently been bugged about to present a description of. Finding it handy that they did so, however reluctantly, I will repeat the guys' own words (well, translated, of course) : “Take the pounding drums of Triggerfinger, the noisy guitars of Evil Superstars, combine that with fuzzy bass parts, et voilà!” If, to you, that description does not give a clear picture in your mind, keep on surfing until you find audio by the band... Ah well, all you need to do, really, is to surf to the “muziek” section of (www.) vi/be.mylai, where each and every track on the album is posted. Oh...perhaps not, because besides the 5 announced songs in the booklet, there's an additional hidden one, and I'm not sure that's actually posted. In the video section, you'll find an extra song. More influences mentioned in the bio section, are Metal Molly and John Cage!