Neal Morse

Album Title: 
Live Momentum
Release Date: 
Monday, February 18, 2013
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Fans of progressive rock, and especially fans of Neal Morse are really spoilt, especially when they buy the limited digipack, which includes not only 2 DVD’s, but also 3 CD’s.  For my review I had to to with the three CD’s only though, so I’ve got no idea how good the DVD’s are.

This 3 CD-set contains ‘only’ 13 song in total, yet the total playing time is almost two and a half hours.  No wonder if you see that there are tracks that last over 20 minutes by themselves, and there’s even one track that lasts over half an hour. The songs are taken form his last studio album ‘Momentum’ for a part and are for the rest spread out through Mr. Morse’s career, and there is even one Spock’s Beard song among them.

Witt musicians like Mr. Morse himself, Mike Portnoy on drums, and Randy George on bass, to name the most known in the band, it’s no small wonder that this, even for a live recording, is close to perfection. I must admit I didn’t really have the feeling I was listening to a live album.